Rush HD Clinic
Main Number: 312-563-2030
Fax: 312-563-2024
Rush University Medical Center
1725 W Harrison St, Suite 755
Chicago, IL 60612
General Email:

Deborah Hall, MD, PhD-- Director of the HD Clinic

To reach us you may call, email (as listed below) or send us a message via MyChart*.

Response Times: The following contact information is monitored from 8:00am – 4:00pm, Monday –Friday. We will do our best to respond within 24-48 business hours. Please leave specific details as to how to best respond to your message.

NEW patients:

Please call 312-563-2030, option 2, option 2; to leave a message on our confidential HDSA voicemail. Leave your name and phone number where we can reach you. Our nurse will call you back within 24-48 hours to discuss the process for genetic testing or help you schedule an appointment. You can find more information about our genetic testing process on our website.

RETURNING patients Please call 312-563-2030 and follow the prompts to/for:
• Schedule an Appointment
• Medical Records
• Clinic Nurse
• Prescription refills
• Billing Questions
URGENT and after hours you will be leaving a message for the on-call team (if emergency please call 911)

Clinic Nurse: Sarah Strait, BSN, RN, Phone: 312-563-2030m option 2, option 1
Clinic Coordinator:  Phone: 312-563-2030, option 2 option 2 Email:
Clinical Research Coordinator: Jacob Hawkins, BS, Phone: 312-563-2030, option 4 Email:
Genetics Counselor: Marc Rosenbaum, MS Phone: 312-563-0665 Email:
Social Worker: Key'Aira Glasper, MSW, LSW, Phone: 312-563-4010 Email:

Both outpatients and inpatients can access MyChart by completing an ACCESS REQUEST FORM:

Complete the form and submit via one of these options:
• return it to your doctor’s office
• email form to the Rush Health Information Management Office:
• fax to (312) 942-5549
• mail to: Rush Health Information Management Office, MyChart Request, 1611 W. Harrison, St., L1 – Suite 001, Chicago, IL 60612.

Be sure to include your email address at the bottom of the form where indicated and check the box authorizing us to email you an activation code – You CANNOT get this code over the phone. Once you have this activation code you can go to MyChart and register.

Northwestern HD Clinic
Main Number: 312-695-7950
Fax: 312-695-5747
Lavin Pavilion,  259 E. Erie St, Suite 1900
Chicago, IL 60611
Danny Bega MD, MSCI, Assistant Professor – Department of Neurology, Division of Movement Disorders

First time contacting the Northwestern HD Clinic – Call 312-695-7950 or email hd@

• already have a diagnosis of HD already: you will be scheduled to see Dr. Bega, neurologist, and Dr. Gausche, neuropsychiatrist. You will likely meet our clinical nurse, social worker, and genetic counselor as well.

• do not have an established diagnosis: our genetic counselor, Lisa Kinsley, or clinical nurse, Christine Conrad, will call you back within 24-48 business hours for a discussion that will cover topics including the following:
 Testing process
 Cost of testing
 Risks involved with testing
 Concerns about symptoms, if any
 Discussion about whether or not you wish to obtain life insurance, disability insurance, and/or long term care insurance prior to testing and why this is recommended
 Your reason for wanting testing
 Your family history
 Whether or not you will want a neurological exam

Already a Patient:
Schedule an Appointment: 312-695-7950
Billing Questions: 312-695-9797
Medical Records: 312-926-3376
Clinic Coordinator and Nurse –Maggie Sullivan, RN 312-695-7950
Social Worker--Emily Zivin, MSW, MPA 312-926-8048
Genetics Counselor – Lisa Kinsley MS, CGC 312-503-2131
Research Coordinator – Karen Williams CCRP 312-503-5645

Message/Email/Fax Response Times We make every effort to return your phone call on the day we receive your message. Please understand, however, that our nurses may need to talk with your physician before returning your call. This may slightly delay our callback to you. Also, please leave an alternate phone number where you can be reached.

 Please allow up to 48 hours for phoned medication refills. Keep this in mind if you are running low on your medications.
 Please allow up to 10 business days for prescriptions that must be mailed to you. Test results must be reviewed by your physician. Please allow the nurse sufficient time to contact your physician prior to returning your call regarding test results.
 Please allow up to 10 business days for completion of letters and forms that your insurance company, other physicians, or your employer might request. Note: The Medical Records Department will handle disability applications.