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What Your Dollar Buys
The Huntington’s Disease Society of America is the largest voluntary health organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with Huntington’s disease (HD) and their families. With your help, we are able to support research to develop new therapies, provide services and resources to our HD families trying to cope with the effects of the disease, and grow our advocacy and educational programs to remove barriers to care. Working together we are making a difference in the lives of people with HD and finding the answers to this devastating disease. All of our work is made possible by public donations. Here’s an example of how powerful your contribution can be:
$1 Sends a Fast Facts Information Packet to a newly diagnosed HD patient.
$5 Provides a Law Enforcement Tool Kit to educate Law Enforcement Officials or First Responders about how to recognize HD and how to resolve potentially dangerous situations.
$50 Funds one monthly volunteer-led HD Caregiver support group.
$100 Supports a Social Worker-led HD Patient support group for one month.
$250 Allows an HD family of four to attend a local Education Conference.
$500 Pays a licensed Social Worker to cover a local HD Phone Helpline for one month.
$1,000 Funds an HD Advocate’s trip to Washington, DC to meet with Senators and Representatives to voice support for the HD Parity Act as part of Advocacy Day.
$2,500 Pays for an HD patient and caregiver to attend the Annual HDSA National Convention: a three-day conference bringing together people with HD and their family members with physicians, researchers, social workers and other healthcare professionals to hear about the latest research breakthroughs, new clinical trials, best care practices, advocacy efforts, and educational programs while simultaneously renewing friendships and receiving comfort and support from being among others who truly understand the daily challenges of HD.
$5,000 Funds a Don King Summer Research Fellowship for a young investigator researching basic HD biology in conjunction with an established HD researcher.
$10,000 Sponsors the National Youth Alliance (NYA) Day at the HDSA National Convention. The NYA is made up of youth and young adults from across the country whose mission is to make their generation the last to ever have to live with Huntington’s disease. NYA Day is a day filled with support, education, and fun activities for the youths who are coping with HD and Juvenile HD.
$25,000 Brings people together across the country as a Team Hope National Partner. Over 100 walks happen each year in cities nationwide, bringing thousands of HD families together and building awareness of HD in local communities.
$50,000 Underwrites an HDSA Center of Excellence for one year. HDSA’s 21 Centers of Excellence around the nation are unique expert multi-disciplinary clinical care centers for HD patients and their families, providing a full range of health care services including: ongoing clinical care; innovative laboratory research; clinical trials; professional social worker services; genetic counseling and testing; speech, occupational and physical therapies; support groups; and professional and family education.
$75,000 Supports Research by funding an HD Human Biology Project researcher for one year. This program, in conjunction with the HDSA Centers of Excellence, invests in new scientists to fund groundbreaking research by challenging basic researchers to work with clinical care centers to better understand HD biology as it occurs in humans as well as support quality of life research.
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